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Who We Are

DARE (Dynamic Action Research in Education) was founded in 2013 by researcher & activist Dara Barlin based on two inter-weaving principles:

  • Efforts that seek positive change have greater levels of success when there is an ongoing connection between research in the field and action on-the-ground.

  • For sustainable improvements to take place, we must develop a culture of learning that prioritizes trust, reflection, and growth.

The DARE Consulting team builds on these principals by helping educators and school system leaders create strong links between research and action as a daily practice. At the same time we help leaders learn how to foster an atmosphere of team cohesiveness, intellectual curiosity, and joy during the change process. The result is a clearer vision for what type of change is necessary, and a wiser, more courageous and more passionate group of leaders to put those changes in motion.

*DARE Consulting is the education-focused sister organization of the Center for Transforming Culture. 

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