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“They provided thoughtful, engaging, interactive facilitation of our discussions about tough policy issues. The best facilitation I’ve ever seen, actually.”

-Senator Barbara Bollier

(State of Kansas)


“Their techniques are superlative. They listen to the people they work with and never fail to find a creative and interesting way to help us accomplish our desired goals. Their positive outlook and collaborative perspectives make them one of my favorite groups to work with.”

-Judi Fenton,

Office of Leadership at NYC Department of Education


“The best organizing campaign around a single focal point for change I’ve ever seen.”

-Harold Koh,

 Lead White House Counsel for President Barack Obama (talking about a federal campaign facilitated by Dara Barlin and team.)

Marble Surface

“We were wondering whether or not we should hire trained facilitators to run our roundtables, or to just do it ourselves. Now, after the meeting, we realize we made the right decision in hiring Dara and her team to facilitate. The energy and enthusiasm of the group made the conversations really meaningful!”

– Katia Albanese 

Women in Government Partner Leader/  Department of Labor’s SEED program


“Dara's team embodies the qualities of the kind of leadership we need to shift our world into a joyful place to live in. Innovation, collaboration, engagement, good communication and a lot of fun to work with. If you are looking for a group to inspire your team into action Dara's team is the one.”

-Rebecca Nava, Interim Academic Dean, Art for Humanity- The Leadership College


“It was so refreshing to be part of a collective and collaborative group of leaders that could have only be brought together by leaders with those same characteristics! Dara's vision, determination, and ability to organize a global event was proof positive given the success of A Big Project.”

- Griselda Vega, Program Director at Global Workers Justice Alliance

Keyboard and Mouse

“CTC's CEO is one of the most talented organizers I have ever worked with. She is smart, analytical, tenacious and very creative. She tunes in to the concerns of those with whom she works, is empathetic, and amazing in her ability to move people to action. Her success also springs from her genuine passion for the issues she tackles.”

-Margaret Shelleda, Executive Director at California Federation of Teachers, (Retired)


"CTC provides focused, strategic leadership that will be an asset to any endeavor they engage in. With an ear to the ground, they offer a refreshing, thoughtful perspective that cannot be ignored.”

-Stanley Nyoni, Hosting Global Dialogues for building sustainable communities


“In the many years I have been working on projects around the world I have rarely met anyone as energetic and focused as Dara, CEO of CTC. Her ability to network and develop relationships was nothing short of astounding. We quickly developed networks and partnerships with organization after organization that it would normally take years to pull together. She is a pleasure to work with, and I could not recommend her strongly enough to any organization looking to achieve concrete results in complex environments.”

-Frank Dominguez,

Vice President of Arts for Peace

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