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Your ‘one-stop-shop’ for feedback analysis, training, and tools

AWSOM™ is a comprehensive program of supports that provide managers with training, tools and systems analysis to ensure feedback is flowing up down and across your organization with ease.

AWSOM is different that traditional feedback because instead of focusing on telling people how to improve (which can cause disengagement and defensiveness) AWSOM™ protocols inspire people to improve (which fosters enthusiasm, deep learning and innovation).

Check out AWSOM™ products and services below and contact us when you are ready to create an inspiring workplace that prioritizes feedback that inspires.


AWSOM Feedback Assessment: A comprehensive survey designed to help your organization figure out where information is getting stuck, and how to intervene to ensure everyone has the data they need to succeed.

AWSOM Feedback Workshop: A four-hour professional development session helping your managers understand the basics of giving inspiring feedback.

AWSOM Annual Goal-Setting Guide: A step-by-step instructional booklet that guides managers in helping their team members establish and attain annual goals.

AWSOM 360 Feedback Protocol: An easy-to-use template for engaging in 360 feedback between managers and employees to build trust and catapult improvement at all levels.

AWSOM Check-in Tool: A weekly protocol to support rapid 20 min check-ins with team members to assess progress on tasks, identify points of intervention, and build trust so that all employees can thrive.

AWSOM Huddle: A 10 minute protocol you can use with your team every day to exchange information in rapid-pace format in ways that boost collaboration, trust, and project success.

Click on the “Learn More” button to set up an appointment with DARE Consulting staff to learn which AWSOM products are right for you!! 

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